San Francisco Microblading by Brow Club San Francisco

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a technique of tattooing realistic brow hairs to create full, natural-looking eyebrows that always look great. Microblading is performed manually, with a pen-like hand tool.

At Brow Club we enhance this technique with a professional cosmetic tattooing machine to create subtle, natural-looking brows that last longer and look better than hand microblading alone.

We use these techniques to enhance your existing brows, restore brows from overplucking, and even build brows from scratch for those who have lost brow hair for various reasons.

Microblading Results: Click to see more examples of our work.

Microblading Results: Click to see more examples of our work.

Why Have Permanent Brow Work Done?

  • Save Time: Wake Up with Makeup!
    Take off 10+ minutes from your daily makeup routine, you'll wake up looking made up. Perfect for a low-maintenance look. 
  • No Embarrassing "Wipe-Offs"
    Your brows won't disappear in the middle of the day, during a workout or while swimming at the beach. 
  • No Down-Time
    Your brows will look great right after your first session with minimal aftercare. 

Why Choose Brow Club SF Microblading?

  • Hygiene: We take your safety seriously. All work is performed using medical-grade practices.
  • A Fine Arts Focus: We hold degrees in Fine Art, which gives us both the skill and the eye to design the most flattering brows for your unique features.
  • Certifications: Credentialed in Microblading and Cosmetic Brow Tattooing, Licensed and Insured in San Francisco


About the Process

Design Consultation

The first step is good communication: We take time to assess your features, skin and learn about your brow goals. We'll design your new brows and answer any questions.

Base Session

After the consultation, we'll lay the foundation for your new brows using microblading, machine work, or both. We use a high quality numbing cream to keep you comfortable.

Healing and Touch-up

One of the great things about our method is there's no down-time: you'll receive complements right away. Your brows will fully heal over the next month, at which point you'll come back for a complimentary touch-up. We'll be able to assess how much pigment you retained, boost any strokes or go bolder.