Primary Microblading/Tattoo Session

Price: $640, 2.5 hours

The Design Consultation kicks it off: We discuss your brow goals and assess your skin type and facial features. Then we use brow pencil to draw on a sneak preview to make sure you’re in love with the design.

Once you’ve had your questions answered and you’re excited by our design, we get to the core work. The tattooing itself should take under 1.5 hours, and your skin will have plenty of time to numb with our topical anesthetics: You’ll experience minimal, if any, discomfort. In fact many clients bring earbuds to listen to music, or even nap during the procedure.

You can expect little to no downtime or skin trauma in comparison with traditional microblading, and your brows will look great right out the door!

Perfecting Session

Price: $160, about an hour

Want to go darker, tweak the arch, or make other small changes? This is where it happens, 4-8 weeks after your Primary. This session allows us to refine, touch-up, and enhance the work done during the Primary Session

Color Boost for Brow Club Clients

Price: $280, 1.5 hours

An annual or semi-annual Color Boost keeps your brows looking fresh and naturally vibrant! Available for Brow Club clients who’ve had a Primary Session, Perfecting Session or Color Boost within the past 15 months.

Brow Design Consultation

Price: Complementary, 30 minutes

Meet us at our San Francisco studio to learn more about cosmetic tattoo, microblading, and the results you can expect.

We'll assess your current brow shape, skin type and facial structure, and learn about your brow goals. Based on what we learn we'll design the ideal brow shape for you and answer any questions you may have.

This appointment is included when you book a Primary Session online, or you can reach out to set up a complementary design consultation if you’re not ready to book a full session yet.