About Us

Brow Club is a San Francisco brow design studio focused exclusively on enhancing client's eyebrows to flatter their unique features  while complementing their  individual style.

We use Single Needle Microblading digital hair-stroke tattooing techniques along with top quality cosmetic pigments to build natural-looking brows that last and require little to no upkeep.

Mina Michael

Mina graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2011 with a BFA in painting.  As an artist, her fascination and resulting body of work centers around primal female archetypes and their engagement with the banal and sublime forces at play in life, especially as they relate to feminine beauty and aesthetics. Mina carries this fascination and enthusiasm with her into each new engagement with her clients, collaborating with them to, as she likes to say, "discover their ultimate brow."

Mina’s formal art education helped her not only to build technical skills and the ability to execute precisely, but also developed her artistic eye. This enables her to envision the best shapes and color tones for her clients, giving them  brows they love.

Mina is certified in both microblading and cosmetic brow tattoo, and is registered, insured and licensed as practicing cosmetic tattoo artist in San Francisco.

San Francisco Art Institute