About Single Needle Microblading

What is Single Needle Microblading?

Single Needle Microblading is a cosmetic tattooing technique that creates realistic, hair-like strokes using specialized cosmetic pigment. These high quality pigments are designed to fade gradually over time, looking natural throughout the process.

We use a single 0.25mm needle to precisely implant the pigment into the dermal layer of the skin, resulting in crisp and clean hair strokes that match the specific width of brow hair.

This method is unique because it’s very gentle on the skin, resulting in rapid healing time with excellent color stability and longevity.

What’s the Difference Between Single Needle and Traditional Microblading?

Traditional Microblading employs a pen-like hand tool with a row of fine needles that form a blade. Using this blade, an artist makes fine cuts into the skin and pushes pigment into these incisions to create realistic brow hairs.

Single Needle employs a high-end cosmetic tattoo machine equipped with a single needle to embed cosmetic pigments precisely into the correct depth of skin, without cutting.

Depending on the skill of the practitioner, Single Needle generally produces more color-stable results that heal faster and with much less trauma to the skin.

Is There Any Downtime?

There is virtually no downtime. Each session takes about 7-10 days to fully heal, during which you may see minor changes. During the first couple of days, the color may get a little darker, after which it will settle in and soften as your skin heals. There may be very minor scabbing - it may look like dry skin, but the ointment we provide keeps your skin hydrated and healthy.

Does It Hurt?

Although most of our clients experience some discomfort during the procedure, they are usually surprised with how little pain they feel.

We use two types of topical anesthetic to reduce discomfort, and adjust our pace to each person’s tolerance. Feel welcome to bring headphones or take a nap - many of our clients do!

How Long Will My Brows Last?

The Short Answer

Generally, semi-permanent brows created with Single Needle should last one to three years, and fade evenly and gradually over that time.

The Long Answer

Everyone is different, so there’s no easy way to provide real estimates of longevity.

Factors like sun exposure, skin type, lifestyle and even the rate at your body naturally breaks down pigment all contribute to the lifespan of your brows.

Once you’re a Brow Club client you can get a Color Boost at any time, though most people get them once a year. If you prefer a more dramatic look or if you have more oily skin than average, you may want to book Color Boosts more frequently.

Any Activities I Should Avoid While My Brows Heal?

Yes, for at least 10 days after a session avoid the following:

  • Prolonged sun or salon tanning

  • Exposure to grit, dirt, dust, etc.

  • Swimming, steam rooms, jacuzzis, saunas, very hot baths, etc.

  • Chemical or laser facial treatments/peels

  • Makeup applied directly on the brows

About our Services

How Much Does It Cost? What’s Included?

The Primary Microblading/Tattoo Session costs $640, and includes a Design Consultation as well as the core cosmetic tattoo work that will give you brows you’ll love!

The Perfecting Session is $160, and is available for clients 4-8 weeks after their Primary Session to enhance, touch-up or make minor adjustments to the brows after they’ve healed.

Do I Need a Perfecting/Touch Up Session?

Although a Perfecting Session is not required, it is recommended to ensure the best appearance and longevity of your brows. This session allows us to perfect and enhance your brows while ensuring the quality and longevity of our work.

I Had Brow Work Done Elsewhere and I Don't Like It. Can You Fix It?

We may be able to help, but we’ll need to meet in person first .

Please don't book a Primary Session online, instead reach out to schedule a Design Consultation so we meet with you in person and talk about realistic outcomes together.

Design Consultations are complementary, and we're glad to chat about the best options for your brows.

I Had Work Done Before, and It’s Faded. Can I Just Get a Color Boost or a Touch-Up/Perfecting Session?

Our mission is to give our clients the best brows possible, custom-designed for them, at a fair price. We aren’t able to shortcut our process to match lower price-points without compromising the quality of our work.

Due to wide variation in quality and technique in the industry, Perfecting Session and Color Boost appointments are only available only for prior Brow Club clients.