Before is on the bottom, After on the top.


Pricing and Value in Microblading

Most savvy buyers are looking for the best products and services at the lowest cost, and certainly the owners of Brow Club are no different!  Cheap is such an ugly word... we like to think of ourselves as "shrewd shoppers."

 For example, we stock top-shelf Tina Davies tools and Li pigments... not because we want to name-drop, but because we've tried cheaper brands and these name brands deliver much better results.

We've built our business around this idea of providing great value: We want to give our clients brows we're proud of, that they love, all at a price that leaves them smiling.

The Complete Brow Package

Here's what we're offering to give you the best value:

  • Our service is flat price: $750 includes custom brows designed for you, one full session of microblading and/or tattoo, and one 6-8 week touch-up appointment.
  • We offer a complementary Design Consultation to let you meet us, and get an idea of what sort of results you can expect from the procedures.
  • We are 100% focused on giving you results you love. Everyone's skin and lifestyle is different, but we put in the time and attention to get the best results possible.