The Complete Brow Package

Price: $750, Multiple Appointments

While many studios will charge for each appointment, we include all sessions and materials in this flat fee.

Design Consultation: 30 minutes

We begin each session with a consultation, during which we'll chat about your brow goals and design the best brow shape, addressing any questions.

The Base Session: 2 hours

Once you are excited about the design, we'll get to work on your brows. Your brows will have plenty of time to numb with Zensa numbing cream.

We specialize in both microblading and hair stroke technique, using both to give you the best looking brows out there. For more info, check our Common Questions.

The Touch-Up: 1 - 1.5 hours

Did you know that work from an initial session can fade up to 50% as your skin heals? A touch-up session 4-6 weeks after the base session is a must to keep your brows looking great for the long-term.